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ASHI Certified Home Inspector


Take the Stress out
of Home Inspection!

Home Smart Inspection Services LLC

Most people consider their home to be their castle. Beyond the shelter it provides it usually represents someone's greatest single asset, an investment that should be protected with a great deal of attention. That’s why whether someone is buying, selling or simply periodically maintaining a home, the right inspection company is secured for the job. That company is Home Smart Inspection Services, LLC

Founded in March 2006, Home Smart Inspection Services, LLC is a residential home inspection company that provides a systematic look at the present condition of a home and its components via examination of the visible residential structure, mechanical systems and existing conditions.

You deserve to know...

• The risks involved when purchasing a home
• How to make better financial decisions regarding your home
• Information to help keep your family safe in their home
• Helpful insights to help you maintain your home and its value
• How to plan for future repairs
• That secure feeling – for your family, and your future
• Straightforward answers regarding your home
• Peace of mind at home

A confidential written report is provided based upon an unbiased approach utilizing an experienced knowledge of residential structures, their components and nationally recognized standards of practice and code ethics.

The effects of home ownership can last for years. That's why the expertise provided by Home Smart Inspection Services, LLC can help make home ownership a safe, secure experience. Call us today at:

Home Smart Inspection Services

(440) 926-0302
(866) 926-0302

38268 Crook Street, Suite 101
Grafton, Ohio 44044

Our Mission:

Is to enhance the quality of life for our clients through education regarding structural, mechanical, safety and environmental elements within their home.



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